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The place was Sumbawa, Indonesia, the year was 1815, and the month was April. Everything was set for one of the most explosive events in human history. Sumbawa Island is home to the volcano called Tambora which has an elevation of 9,348 ft. (2,850m) and a diameter at sea-level of 38 mile. On April 5th of 1815 the volcano, which had lain dormant for more than 5,000 years, began to erupt.The mountain had been experiencing small eruptions before it exploded in 1815 and the April eruption left a deep summit caldera where the previous stratovolcano stood, causing earthquakes as far away as Surabaya (a distance of 500 km) in reaction to the collapse. Ash exploded from the eruption and was carried as far as east Java, approximately 900 km from Tambora. Thunder-like sounds were heard up to 1,400 km away and the entire eruption is estimated to have had the volcanic explosion strength of seven. The eruption column itself was roughly 44 km high vertically and produced numerous pyroclastic flows. Tsunamis were generated as a result of both the flows and the shock waves from the collapsing caldera. In total, the volcanic eruption lasted for two days and ejected about 50 cubic km of magma. The eruption was the largest that had occurred over past 1,000 years, with an immediate human impact of 92,000 deaths.

As far-reaching as the immediate outputs of the volcanic explosion were, the full effects of the eruption had yet to be felt. The year after the eruption, 1816, is often titled “the year without summer,” due to significantly cooler temperatures throughout Europe and other reaches of the world, resulting in such unusual phenomena as snow in June in the northern hemisphere and cyclone tracks being pushed to the south, bringing unusually wet weather in many areas. Crop failures and famine abounded the world over, marked by higher death rates that exceeded anything on Earth in the past 10,000 years. “The year without summer” is not a complete mystery, however, for its causes are the typical results of a large volcanic explosion, such as the Tambora eruption. There are many who would disagree with this hypothesis, claiming that the effects of a volcanic eruption the size of Tambora could not be as far-reaching or as destructive to cause “the year without summer.”



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Route to Tambora Mountain Peak
Sumbawa Island with its volcano, Mt Tambora, offers adventurous trekking, wonderful natural forests, archeological sites, fantastic beaches, arts and crafts and interesting Dutch colonial heritage. Unfortunately Sumbawa is ignored by most tourists who usually proceed straight to Eastern Indonesia. If you chose to tour the entire island of Sumbawa we recommend a visit to the Komodo Islands, one of Indonesia? famous national parks featuring the Komodo Dragon, a large monitor. Tambora Trekking can be arranged in the appropriate season for the fit and healthy.

Day 1.
Early Morning at 6 o’clock, we drive to east of lombok” Labuan Lombok harbor” then cross by Ferry to Sumbawa island ” Poto Tano harbor”. arrive in Poto Tani then continue drive to sumbawa Besar city, stop over for lunch. after lunch then continue drive to Pancasila village” in the bottom of tambora mountain”. 7 pm arrive in pancasila village then overnight in Sinar Kedindi Bungalow.

Day 2.
Breakfast, prepare the food and meet the porter then we start trek to up to post II (1900m above sea level), we will arrive at Post II around 05.00 pm for overnight.

Day 3.
After have a light breakfast at 04.00 am, than at 05.00 we go up to the Top of Mount Tambora (2850m a.s.l). After take a picture than we go down to Pancasila village to have Lunch. Drive to Sumbawa besar, then Overnight in Tabora hotel.

Day 4.
After Breakfast make city tour, visiting Dalam Loka Palace, yellow house ( the private museum of the king sumbawa ) then head to Poto Tano harbor for Lombok island.

Packages Included:
– Tent and sleeping bag.
– Foods and drinks ( mineral water + wine )
– Guide ASSISTANT During the trips .
– all land and sea transportations
– Entrance fees.
– Porters
– Hotels

Excludes :
– Alcoholic beverages.
– Laundry.
– Tips for porters and guide.
– Other personal expenses.

Recommended items to bring:
1. Suitable walking shoes / warm clothing / wind breaker / rain coat
2. Gloves / extra socks / Small towel / hat / tissue paper
3. High energy food (chocolates, nuts, raisins)
4. Headache tablets / lip gloss / deep heat lotion ( Sun block)/ plasters
5. Torch light / walking stick / waterproof bag for camera
6. 2 or 3 T-shirt / long trouser / short / swim cloth

A deposit of 50% is required upon confirmation and Full payment must be received prior to or upon arrival at the first destination point, except for those companies with whom special agreements have been made. Failure to comply with this condition may result in cancellation of all reservation.

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